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The 1-Tom-Plumber Story

Kameron Hensley founded 1-Tom-Plumber in 2017. Just over two years later, the 24-year-old entrepreneurial whiz from Milford, Ohio — recently named “Professional of the Year” by the Little Miami River Alliance – has a tiger by the tail.

With a long family-business background in the restoration business, Kameron knew that water damage is the kind of work that everyone wants but finds difficult to get. This highly profitable emergency service generally has a margin of about 80 percent.

But getting that business is difficult. Those suffering from water damage don’t tend to see or have relationships with restoration companies. So they quickly go online to find a solution. Or they call their trusted plumber for a solution.

Knowing this, Kameron was able to put into action the creation of a plumbing company designed to seamlessly bolt onto a restoration company. After a few years of learning, evolving, and making adjustments along the way, Kameron’s vision for a 1-Tom-Plumber franchise program has arrived.

1-Tom-Plumber has demonstrated its ability to leverage the close relationships enjoyed by plumbers with their repeat customers. Combined with a deeper, more knowledgeable commitment to organic digital marketing, the 1-Tom-Plumber franchise model has been a spectacular success — driving an increasing amount of water damage to its sister restoration company business while dramatically increasing its ROI from online leads.

Today, the company is poised to expand regionally, and eventually nationally, with its proven, repeatable system.

The 1-Tom-Plumber Brand

In the plumbing and restoration business, it can be hard to stand out. Over our years of experience, we’ve learned that it is more often than not the female head of household who is in charge when things go wrong in the home, and therefore the ones who pick up the phone to call for professional help.

We wanted the 1-Tom-Plumber brand to be strong, compelling, and “outside-of-the-box”, while also targeting our most significant customer base: the female head of household

Pink Plunger from 1-Tom-Plumber logo

When a 1-Tom-Plumber truck drives down the street, we want our customers to notice our bright and fun colors. More important, we want them to know their home will be safe in our hands and that we care about customer service as much as plumbing. The pink plunger embodies all of this…and it has opened a great many doors.

The distinctive pink in our brand is a tribute to the hardworking women in our lives who deserve the best. Whether it’s broken pipes, sewer lines, sump pumps, clogged drains, or other emergency service, we want them to rest easy knowing that their home or business is in good hands.

We also wear our pink coloring with pride in our support of issues affecting women across the world, such as their safety — from utilizing our talent to providing charitable donations and supplies.

Our Name is Our Number

You might have guessed already, but our name is also our phone number. We invested in a national toll-free number so that our customers would always know how to contact us. When customers dial 1-866-758-6237, they are spelling out 1-Tom-Plumber. We believe it to be the keystone to effectively growing and managing calls from across the country.

1-Tom-Plumber Franchise logo

It’s a tried and true strategy. Easy to remember, and therefore easy to call. More importantly, it works.

But where does the name “Tom” come in? It’s our nod to Thomas “Tom” Crapper, the English businessman, inventor, and plumber whose company made remarkable contributions to the plumbing industry. His company owned the world’s first bath, toilet, and sink showroom and popularized the notion of indoor plumbing. Tom held three patents for toilet improvements and invented the manhole cover. We like to think that we’re continuing his legacy of accomplishments and innovations in the industry.


Why Drains?

You’ve probably noticed, from our logo if nothing else, that drains are an integral part of our plumbing franchise. There are several reasons…but all of them lead to higher profit margins.

Most of our customers — whether commercial or residential — don’t know that the knowledge and experience required for drain cleaning/drain clearing (and related excavations) are completely different than plumbing. To them it often seems like the same thing.

But we know that those services:

A 1-Tom-Plumber franchise that fully commits to developing its drain cleaning/clearing service will get fewer low-profit jobs and fewer call-backs. Instead, you’ll get more high-end, highly profitable jobs like commercial water damage, excavation projects, and other emergency services.

Our headquarter in Cincinnati has 50 years of combined drain experience talent on its roster, and that service has led to a drastic increase in commercial water damage referrals to our sister restoration company. The 1-Tom-Plumber system will teach you to convert those referrals to your existing restoration offering.

Of course, we’re also plumbing experts. The 1-Tom-Plumber system gives you the efficient, powerful tools to be successful. Our plumbers wear crisp uniforms, are extremely polite, and show up and do their jobs like seasoned customer-focused professionals. They are able to resolve any urgent plumbing issue while leaving our customers satisfied

Our Mission, & Our Values

Our Mission

We strive to be the best in every area of the plumbing business. We will be a dependable resource for our clients by fostering a culture of trust, responsibility, and high expectations. We will provide the most reliable, efficient service without compromising quality or safety.

We are committed to:

Our Values

No one should have to wait days to get help from a mediocre plumber. When we show up, we are friendly, polite, and professional. We find the issue fast and we thoroughly explain the problem and the options. Most important, we leave our customer’s home or business looking better than we found it.

No matter the day or time, phone calls from customers should never go unanswered. Our urgency isn’t a marketing gimmick. Our plumbers are on-call every day, evening, weekend, and holiday. 

Our local community should always be nurtured and educated. To reach as many people as possible with the plumbing information they need, we frequently provide fun, free tips and how-to’s on our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

What Do Our Customers Think

How Are We Different?

The franchised plumbing market is ultra competitive. 1-Tom-Plumber stands out because of a unique combination of factors:
1-Tom-Plumber Pink Plunger Van Transparent

Here’s How You’ll Benefit


More Water Damage

With margins across the industry around 80%, every restoration company wants more water damage. But when water damage occurs, the first person called is a trusted plumber. That’s why we created and refined the ultimate plumbing franchise — to control referrals and drive water damage to our own restoration company. Now it can drive profits to yours.


No More TPAs = More Money, Faster!

Working with TPAs creates more paperwork, longer payment cycles, and less revenue. However, a 1-Tom-Plumber franchise seldom works with TPAs on its commercial business. Because plumbers enjoy far more face-time with commercial businesses than do restoration companies, our clients call us first for water damage. We get paid quickly, directly, with less frustration.


We Do Your Digital Marketing

Never worry again about how to get quality leads online. We do it for you. From a professional website to organic search engine optimization and content marketing, our next-level digital marketing team has loads of experience and a proven track record backed up by data. Our organic methods are far more effective than Pay-Per-Click.. And all of it is included.


A No-Experience-Required Turn-Key System

We say a 1-Tom-Plumber franchise runs itself because we provide hands-on leadership, training, and a vetted and easy-to-use step-by-step system. We won’t leave you behind. And we mean it literally when we say no experience is required to own and manage a profitable 1-Tom-Plumber franchise.

Franchise Support

Our Franchise Support Team is with you every step of the way as we make sure your 1-Tom-Plumber franchise comes to life.

Customer Acquisition & Assignment 

The use of our national 1-Tom-Plumber phone number gives you a powerful sales funnel. With the “Our Name is Our Number” strategy, we’ve established a more efficient and productive system for collecting, tracking, and analyzing calls, and turning prospects into customers.

Training & Operations

There is no substitute for an easy, step-by-step system coupled with hands-on training on your turf. From soup to nuts, we will make sure you’re able to take over the reigns of your new franchise by showing you the insider ins and outs of the business and training your management team.


A 2% Brand Fund is set up to help you promote your business. From grand openings to digital marketing, we have a tremendously experienced, talented team. Our director of digital services has over 35 years of marketing experience and has led campaigns for startups to Fortune 500 companies – brands like Apple, Frigidaire, and P&G.

Grand Opening

From planning to promotion, we provide hands-on and consultative support to get people talking about your entry into the community. But the support won’t stop at your grand opening. That’s just the beginning.

Ongoing Support

We know every inch of a 1-Tom-Plumber operation, top to bottom. Our staff is available to offer ongoing support and periodic operation evaluations to make sure you are maintaining franchise standards.

Here's What You'll Receive

1-Tom-Plumber is a fast-growing plumbing franchise headquartered in Milford, Ohio, with franchise opportunities available across the United States.

Our service-focused model was designed from the ground up for one purpose — to seamlessly bolt-on to restoration companies so that they can grow their market share by gaining access to highly profitable water damage, plumbing, drain cleaning, and excavation.

Our proven, repeatable business model will help you take advantage of a high-growth industry that will refer high-profit and commercial water damages to your restoration business. We have refined our systems and management teams over time and are fully able and equipped to guide you every step of the way in replicating our success.

What You’ll Receive

Pink Plunger from 1-Tom-Plumber logo

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